A Plan to Take Back Our Country

Dignified, Principled and Effective Leadership – One of Us for All of Us!

It’s time we had a President who is truly one of us; a President who shares our common values and our common-sense; a President who can relate to our hopes, dreams and struggles, because he has lived them too; a President who owes nothing to the powerful establishment elites of politics, money and celebrity.

James Peppe is one of us – One of Us for All of us!

Peppe (pronounced PEP-ee) is running for President to return power over our government and our lives to the regular Americans who have been forgotten, abused and taken advantage of for far too long. He considers the election of Donald Trump as a clear signal to the professional governing class that patience with its widely perceived failure has run out.

As the proverbial man in the right place at the right time, Trump may have succeeded in breaking down the establishment’s front door, but he is clearly unfit to lead our country as it seeks a new, sustainable path of self-governance. James Peppe is the leader we need now to take our fight to the next level and demonstrate the resolve of regular Americans to reclaim our power and our country. Our nation was founded and designed to be led by regular citizens - not professional politicians and wealthy celebrities - and we finally have the opportunity to return to that critical, fundamental principle.

As a regular American, Peppe understands the pressures and stress that go along with paying monthly bills, keeping a job, feeding the kids or getting them to the doctor. He knows the challenges of everyday life in America, even during good times, because he lives that life just like most regular Americans. This is the sort of leader we need, and we need him now.

James Peppe is one of us who genuinely shares our disgust with the politically correct culture that has been tearing our country apart. Brought up in a family of modest means with 11 brothers and sisters, Peppe inherited nothing but common sense, sound values, practicality and a hard work ethic that eventually earned him admission to the Ivy League. He has devoted most of his energy for over 20 years into the raising of his four children while enjoying success in business. This life experience combined with his common-sense values and respect for diversity of ideas make him the ideal leader to help reunify our dangerously fractured nation.

Importantly, Peppe is well educated in politics – both via his studies at Yale and through real world, hands-on experience - and he knows how to navigate the presidential election process. Consequently, he has developed a smart and practical strategy to win. To those who say it cannot be done, he asks only that they fairly review and consider that strategy and keep in mind the power of our American Spirit and our can-do culture that has always made anything possible in our great country when We the People commit ourselves to a shared cause.

As President, Peppe will strive to represent us every day with common sense. He will tell us the truth – even when it may not be popular to say – and he will act with humility, strength and dignity.

James Peppe will be a dignified and principled President who will make all of us proud.


Defeat Donald Trump for the Republican Nomination and Win the Presidency

Our strategy to win the White House begins with our plan to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. It is highly unusual for a sitting President to face a challenge from within his own party, but Trump has been so divisive for so many of us that it is imperative for us to replace him with a better leader if we hope to keep our revolution alive.

In our race to win the nomination we anticipate being significantly outspent by our billionaire President (much the way he was outspent by Hillary Clinton). Consequently, we must have a plan that doesn’t depend upon an obnoxious amount of money donated by other wealthy elites looking for return favors. Fortunately, the internet affords us the opportunity to win just such a race, effectively restoring the balance of power in America to regular Americans.

Winning will be a step-by-step process that multiplies at every successful juncture. First, the candidate will devote himself virtually full-time to grassroots campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire beginning in 2018 and continuing into 2020. We will sway Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary voters one at a time, steadily raising our profile in the polls and earning a place on stage in debates with Trump. At the same time, we will also leverage that grassroots support into a growing presence on social media, where we will work to generate a mass following and, consequently, earn enhanced credibility with and free exposure from the mainstream media,

Second, those debates – informed by the failures of Trump’s 2016 opponents – will showcase the sharp contrasts between our billionaire President and a citizen leader who can truly relate to regular Americans and will lead to upset victories in those critical contests.

Third, our successful performance in Iowa and New Hampshire will result in us being likened to David against the Goliath Trump and will instantly attract millions of Americans who suddenly realize that we can actually win.  This sea change in attitude is perhaps the most crucial component of our strategy, as it is clear that most Americans desire a regular citizen President but are held back by the conventional wisdom that it just isn’t possible. By triggering that tipping point with early success, we will spur an avalanche of support that will overwhelm the competition, resulting in millions of dollars in free media and a rapid snowball effect as we move on to primaries in South Carolina, Nevada and so on.

Fourth, our popular bandwagon will rapidly gain momentum, bringing together disaffected voters from every point on the political spectrum behind the shared goal of replacing Trump with a regular American leader. This will result in a sweeping tidal wave of primary victories, led by voters in states where Trump is especially unpopular.

Reiterating the importance of point 3 – The absolute key to this campaign’s success is in convincing people that victory for a regular American citizen with no fame, fortune or political power is possible. This is what the vast majority of us have wanted for a long time and, in fact, what was really behind the Trump upset (he was the closest thing to an outsider in contrast to Hillary, who perfectly symbolized the failed establishment). A relatively small amount of seed capital will help us buy the necessary time and platforms to make our case, and when we reach enough people the resulting excitement and momentum will be historic, even beyond the atmosphere surrounding Barack Obama’s first election.

The first targets of our effort are people of principled conviction with the financial resources to provide modest seed funding. With their help, we can secure the time we need to cultivate the grassroots and persuade regular Americans that ours is a serious and credible effort. Further, our ability to raise even just a few hundred thousand dollars early will demonstrate real credibility to the media and other thought influencers and should earn us opportunities to promote our mission still more widely. Under these conditions we will rapidly advance that inevitable snowball effect.

Our path to victory may be narrow, but it is definitely clear and doable. Most importantly, it is profoundly desired by the American people who are simply waiting for the right leader to take up the fight. That Leader is James Peppe.