A Plan to Take Back America

Dignified, Principled and Effective Leadership – One of Us for All of Us!

It’s time we had a President who is truly one of us; a President who shares our common background and values; a President who owes nothing to elitists in the powerful establishment of politics, money and celebrity; a President who is dignified, honest, selfless and trustworthy; a President who can relate to our hopes, dreams and struggles, because he has lived them too.

James Peppe is one of us – One of Us for All of us!

On A Mission to win the Republican Nomination and the Presidency:

Pep is running for President because America deserves better than the current occupant of that office. And though he is pleased that regular Americans rose up in 2016 to take back our country, he is convinced that our citizen revolution has only just begun and that we must step up our fight to reclaim power from career politicians and the billionaire class.

The election of 2016 marked the beginning of the end of our patience with the failure of the professional political establishment to provide genuine leaders worthy of our support. Let’s be honest, even for most of us who are pleased with the changes brought about since then, our real victory was not the election of Donald Trump. Our real victory was the defeat of politics as usual and the message it sent to the elitists in politics, corporate America and Big Media that enough is enough. This is our country. Ours.

America is a nation in desperate need of common sense leadership, and Pep believes he has that sort of leadership to offer. As President, he will speak plainly while leading in a manner that is bold, strong, principled, and dignified on behalf of all Americans. Isn’t that the least we should expect from our President?

On policy, Pep's top priority will be to work with the people and their representatives on both sides of the aisle to tackle the contentious issues that have divided us for too long. For far too long, the establishment has allowed issues such as guns, race, climate change, health care and immigration to fester as open wounds upon our nation, even though most regular Americans share the same common ground on readily available solutions. As President, Pep will initiate and lead a boldly common-sense effort to address these and similar issues head on and begin the process of moving past them on to matters of increasing import.

While the establishment has intentionally stoked these divisions among us to advance its own lust for power and money, America has fallen behind in the global race to shape the future. Where we should be leading, instead we lag. Our infrastructure is crumbling and vulnerable; our education system is in disarray; we are more at odds than ever on issues of race and immigration, and; we are allowing false principles to prevent us from making desperately needed improvements to health care.

Pep is a regular American who genuinely shares his neighbors’ disgust with the politically correct culture that has been tearing our country apart. Brought up in a family of modest means with 11 brothers and sisters, he inherited nothing but common sense, sound values, and a hard work ethic that eventually earned him admission to the Ivy League. Pep was blessed to be raised by parents who valued education, self-reliance and achievement while promoting the golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated. His friends will tell you that he is considerate and respectful, and that he is committed to doing what’s right as a simple matter of principle.

In the 30 years since graduating from Yale, Pep has poured most of his energy into the raising of four children while enjoying some success in business. Meanwhile, his views on the world continue to be anchored by common sense values, respect for diversity of opinion and intellectual honesty.

Obviously, Pep is not perfect and, unlike our current President and so many other politicians, you will never catch him pretending otherwise. Like most Americans, he has made his share of mistakes, mistakes he owns while working hard every day to be a better person and a better leader.

As a candidate, Pep will not tell you what you want to hear but, rather, what he believes you need to hear, and he will not make grand promises that are impossible to keep. And as President, Pep will hold himself accountable and will not blame everyone else when things don’t go as planned. In short, he will strive to represent regular Americans every day with common sense, strength, dignity and honesty.

Teddy Roosevelt once spoke inspirationally of the Man in the Arena, the man “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood”, “who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Today Pep is entering the arena to offer his talents and leadership to the country he loves. While his faith lends great confidence as to the successful outcome of this effort, he promises you only that he will do his very best to listen to you, to understand your concerns, needs and desires, to fight for you with everything he has and to charge fearlessly ahead in pursuit of our shared, common sense vision for a better America.

James Peppe will be a dignified and principled President who will make all of us proud.